Mr. Obama just got pantsed at the Persian Bazaar, the same way British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain did at the German standoff in 1938. God help us if the results are similar.

On September 30, 1938, British PM Neville Chamberlain signed the Munich Pact along with Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini and French Premier Daladier. The Pact gave a militarily and economically strategic portion of Czechoslovakia to Hitler after he had bullied his way into it and annexed it. Our ambassador to Great Britain, Joseph Kennedy, supported the plan to appease the aggression of Hitler. In contrast, the Member of Parliament Winston Churchill could see the writing on the wall and he opposed it. We have a standoff between the Chamberlain/Kennedys versus the Churchills again, and for the same essential reasons.

Mr. Obama and five nations, of which Russia and China are part, signed an agreement with Iran that gives them massive concessions and protections and opportunities to grow their nuclear technologies, their war machine, their economy and their regional power. This was done despite Iran’s aggression, deception, expansion and stated purposes of annihilating Israel, dominating the Middle East and defeating America. This was also done in spite of the fact that this agreement leaves our most important allies in the region, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Afghanistan, flapping in the wind and exposed to the aggressions of Iran.

On September 9, 1939 Hitler invaded Poland. That began World War II. The death toll was six million Jews systematically murdered and sixty million souls lost to war-related causes.

Mr. Obama has justified his position on the false argument that the only options were peaceful negotiations or war. There was another way and that was the coercive negotiations and sanctions that were working. Instead Obama naively gave away the store or the Persian leaders shrewdly pantsed our president who was too eager to appease the aggressors.

Mr. Obama also argued that future presidents would have the exact same options that he has of war if that iss necessary in the future. Really? Future presidents will face an Iran that has expanded nuclear capabilities, expanded conventional war capabilities, expanded economic capabilities and expanded regional power and a greater thirst for more. There may not be future coercive negotiation possibilities and if war is necessary it could be at a catastrophic cost. Mr. Obama has appeased the monster on the bet that the monster will become tame and he has done so with the help of two countries who are not our friends; China and Russia.

What kind of man would do such a thing? In the worst case, an evil man who has colluded with evil. In the middle case a man so drunk with ambition that he will take a wild gamble on the chance of a game-changing legacy. In the best case a naïve man who is ignorant of the reality of evil.

Evil appeased grows and in time it demands a greater price. The time is now for American leaders with moral clarity and courage to rise up, hike their pants up and hit evil straight on with unwavering opposition.