Help! I have written a children’s book to use with the Christian communities that we train around the world who have a need to escape poverty and gain the resources they need to support their families and their ministries. The training program is called The Prosperity Project, International and the children’s book is called I Can Do That!: How Mia, Sanjay and Joseph Escaped Poverty.

The book is about three children who live in poverty in a developing country. The story is about how they learn the three core principles that are rooted in the Bible about how to create, own and grow prosperity. Then the story follows the children as they grow up and follow their individual paths to create, own and grow prosperity.

I need a publisher and an illustrator. Ideally, I would like a publisher to pick up this book and publish it and help connect the right illustrator to this project. Another route is to contract with an illustrator then to self-publish this book.

If you have a contact that could help, please let me know.