The media appear stunned over the election of Donald Trump. The man who was packing them in at his rallies. They are trying to figure out what happened. Here is what happened.

Americans got tired of paying the heavy financial, physical, spiritual, emotional and social costs of the extreme leftists and statist polices that put:

  • Liberal European values before traditional American values
  • Big government before private sector producers
  • Every other country before America
  • Foreigners before Americans
  • Socialism before capitalism
  • Tyranny before freedom
  • Paganism before Christianity
  • Activism before the constitution
  • The rule of man before the rule of law
  • Executive orders before legislation
  • Abuse of power before a balance of powers
  • The EPA, The BLM, The DOJ and The IRS before the people
  • Dishonesty before transparency
  • Government monopoly of education before the children
  • Division before unity
  • Identity politics before brotherhood
  • Big liberal media before objective journalism
  • Takers before makers
  • Extreme environmentalism before reasonable stewardship
  • Corrupt politicians before public servants
  • National exposure before national defense
  • Political corruption before national security
  • Political correctness before defeating Islamic extremist terrorism
  • Corruption before protecting our people abroad
  • Selling influence before serving the people
  • Crime before safety
  • Punks before patriots
  • Convenience before the sanctity of human life
  • And ultimately… evil before righteousness

Americans made a choice between a woman of questionable character who represented more of the same and a man of questionable character who promised to correct it. Americans chose for the right directions in their President, their House of Representatives, their Senate and, most importantly, their Supreme Court. What’s left is for those who got elected to refuse the siren call of money, power and corruption of the big power centers of business, media and government and to be public servants who serve the will of the people. Term limits would be a wise start; to limit themselves first, then to limit the excesses of big government.

All sin and corruption start with the sin nature that we all have. That is what our Founding Fathers knew and that is why they designed a government that limited the government and those who served in the government. May this be a new era of unity, humility and righteousness. Because righteousness does exalt a nation.