Expanding Our Vision, Our Organization and Our Leadership For Our Kingdom Culture Mission

A Pastoral Letter

From Pastor John Morgan

March 27, 2017


Within the next one and a half to two years, my role will change from being the Lead Pastor of Pinon Hills Community Church to becoming the President of Pinon Hills Ministries and we will be selecting and hiring the next Lead Pastor of Pinon Hills Community Church.


Our Kingdom Culture Mission

We are expanding our vision at Pinon Hills Community Church to grow the Kingdom of Christ in human culture. Jesus expressed that purpose when he prayed, “Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” (Matthew 6:10) In short, that means that our ultimate goal is to bring the truths, values and actions of Christ into every sphere of society. We have a Kingdom Culture Mission.

The church is the priority ministry in a Kingdom Culture Mission because the church is the disciple-making engine of Christ’s Kingdom. As Jesus said, “Go make disciples of the nations…” in Matthew 28:19. However, many other ministries are needed to reach some people in society who are too far from the church and other ministries are needed that create Kingdom Culture in the different spheres of society. We also need schools and missions organizations and evangelistic organizations and ministries that address all kind of social needs from poverty and hunger to addiction recovery to counseling. We need great Kingdom Churches and great Kingdom Culture Ministries to fulfill our Kingdom Culture Mission.


Expanding from Pinon Hills Community Church to Pinon Hills Ministries

In order to organize ourselves to fulfill our Kingdom Culture Mission, we will expand our organization from having every ministry under Pinon Hills Community Church to having every major ministry under the expanded organization of Pinon Hills Ministries. The ministries under Pinon Hills Ministries will include Pinon Hills Community Church, the Southwest Christian Academies (preschool through 12th grade), The Prosperity Project International, the Pinon Hills Village Senior Community and other ministries that will develop as God leads us. This organization fits the strategic plan that our Leadership Team of our Elders and our Executive Pastoral Team have been working on for several years to pursue our sense of God’s leading.

The growth and health of Pinon Hills Community Church is always the first priority. Our church can and should grow to 2,500 attenders and beyond. We have a future larger worship center planned on our ministry campus to accommodate the future growth of the church and the need in our community for many unchurched people to connect to a life-giving church is clearly very great.

The Southwest Christian Academies will create the next generation of Christian leaders from our region as we deliver academic excellence and a Christian worldview. Our Southwest Academy high school will be the crown jewel of our academies with a state-of-the-art campus and leading programs in sports, arts, science and animal connectedness education. I am thrilled to announce that one of the families in our church recently donated $600,000 for the on-going construction and development of our academies. In addition to that, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Browning have donated their thirty-two acre Browning Ranch to be the anchor property for our future high school. We hope to eventually acquire 200 acres for all of our high school facilities. This year we will launch a region-wide branding and fundraising campaign to create the awareness of, financial support for and land grants for the Southwest Christian Academies.

The Prosperity Project International (PPI) has a vision to lead one million people out of poverty by 2030 through the biblical principles of creating enterprise. We have been teaching PPI training in Kenya, Africa and in Haiti for several years. We have a strong foothold of Christian communities in these countries who are growing in prosperity and their Christian missions. This year we have launched our Navajo PPI Initiative and we believe we will be able to gain a deep and broad presence in the Navajo Community. I also believe that our Navajo leaders will gain access to opportunities to minister to many tribes across America. I also believe that many people from many tribes will be working with us to help lead Prosperity Project training and support services around the world. We target poor Christian communities around the world because when they gain the resources they need, they can step up to help lead the global Christian mission. PPI has the potential to transform Christianity and the world.

We expect to break ground on our Pinon Hills Village Senior Community in the next few years on the western thirty acres of our main Pinon Hills Ministry Campus. We have had a vision for a senior community for a long time and this will complete our vision to have Christ-centered ministries for every age and every stage of life. Pinon Hills Village will provide senior adults with the Christian community, purpose and care that will bless them and that will help them be a blessing.

There are other target groups of people and target needs in our region where God is leading us to consider future ministries. We will develop those ministries as we sense God’s leading and as we are able to obtain the leadership and the resources to support those ministries.

Altogether Pinon Hills Ministries will provide for the expanded structure that we need to fulfill our expanded Kingdom Culture Mission.


Expanding Our Leadership

Within the next one and a half to two years, my role will change from being the Lead Pastor of Pinon Hills Community Church to becoming the President of Pinon Hills Ministries and we will be selecting and hiring the next Lead Pastor of Pinon Hills Community Church. We will make this change to expand our senior leadership to fulfill our mission. I will move into the role of giving directional leadership to Pinon Hills Ministries and to specifically developing the Southwest Academies, The Prosperity Project International and the Pinon Hills Village Senior Community. Our next Lead Pastor will provide the directional leadership for the growth and health of Pinon Hills Community Church. Together, he and I will cooperate on the overall Kingdom Culture Mission.

We have used the consulting services of the Vanderbloemen Search Group to prepare for this leadership transition and we will also use them to lead our national search process to select and hire our next Lead Pastor.

We are targeting the following dates to complete this process:

  • January 1, 2018 is our launch date for our national search for our next Lead Pastor.
  • June 1, 2018 is our target date to hire our next Lead Pastor.
  • December 1, 2018 is our target date for a full hand-off of pastoral leadership to the next Lead Pastor after he and I have a six-month shared leadership transition period.

As we expand our leadership we are placing our best people on their best gifts. My gift and calling is to develop transformational ideas and organizations. That’s what I have done for the last twenty-two years as the Lead Pastor of PHCC. I have taken PHCC through my best development process. It is almost time for me to apply my development gifts to our other Kingdom Culture Ministries and for us to install a new Lead Pastor who has the gift of leading PHCC to future growth and health by taking advantage of all the great people, staff, ministries and resources that have been developed.

In the Bible, Samuel was the greatest leader of Israel up to his time in history. There came a time in his life where God called him to anoint the first and the second kings of Israel. John the Baptist had the ministry of preparing the way for someone greater than he. And the Apostle Paul came to a time when he handed off spiritual leadership to the next generation. My time is coming to anoint the next Lead Pastor whom God chooses and whom our church approves. I am preparing the way for one who will pastor better than I. And my time is coming to pass the pastoral leadership off to the next generation Lead Pastor who will lead PHCC into the future.


A Full Speed Transition

Being the Lead Pastor of Pinon Hills Community Church has been a great privilege for me. God’s leading of me to lead us all toward an expanded vision of multiple ministries under Pinon Hills Ministries and my future role in it has also been unmistakable. I am confident in God’s leading and I am very excited about our future together to grow the Kingdom of Christ in the Four Corners Region.

This, of course, is not just about me. It’s about the Kingdom of God. It’s about Pinon Hills Community Church. It’s about the many people in our community who need the touch of God in their lives. And it’s about the gifts and calling that God has on your life. You are part of this Body of Christ. You have “different gifts according to the grace that God has given [you].” (Romans 12:6a) God is orchestrating these new things at this time in your life for a reason. I believe it is because God is calling you to use your gifts in a great Kingdom Church and possibly in one of the great Kingdom Ministries that make up Pinon Hills Ministries.

The Apostle Paul tells us to run the race so as to win. As we go through these changes let’s run this race at full speed. Let’s grow the church and strengthen every one of its ministries. Let’s advance our Kingdom Culture Ministries. Let’s pass the baton of pastoral leadership to the next Lead Pastor whom God chooses at full speed and let’s move with the next Lead Pastor at full speed. Let’s do it all to grow the Kingdom of Christ like never before.

May God bless us as Pinon Hills Community Church, as Pinon Hills Ministries and as each one of us uses our different gifts to grow the Kingdom of Christ.