People Prosper International’s New Branding

We have been doing the work of PPI for over seven years. We incorporated PPI in 2016. Now we are rolling out our new PPI Brand. Our new name is People Prosper International.

You can find us on Facebook and other social media and our website is

I am the President and Co-Founder of PPI. My Co-Founding partner and the Director of PPI is Mark Robinson.

Here are the quick facts I would like for you to know about PPI.

Our Mission: To Solve Poverty.

Our Vision: To Lead 1 Million People Out of Poverty by 2030.

Our Strategy: We CrowdSolve Poverty™ by Creating Cultures of Enterprise.

Our Plan: A Global Platform of Education and Connection called the iCreate Community and a Global Network of PPI Partners.

• The poor do not know the pathway out of poverty. We teach the way out.

• The poor do not have access to the knowledge, people and resources needed to take the pathway out of poverty. Some of the resources we help the poor connect with are:
o Knowledge and Skills.
o Capital.
o Property.
o Equipment.
o Technology.
o Markets.
o Communication and Transportation.

We know what works. We have researched it biblically, economically, historically and in the field. We have experimented with it. We have done it. We are doing it. And we keep learning how to do it better. We have trained people who are now thinking and acting in new enterprising ways to create new levels of income, to own property and to grow businesses. They are changing their lives, their families and their communities.

We start first with the poor in faith communities around the world because they have the calling of God, the Word of God and the Spirit of God to not only rise out of poverty themselves but to also help others. We are changing Christianity by mobilizing Western Christianity to solve the real and pressing problems of our world and by empowering the Emerging Global Church in the poor regions of the world with the resources they need for their lives, their families and their ministries. With you and with them, we are changing the world.

Connect with Us:
o Send us a message.
o Join the iCreate Community for updates on PPI and opportunities connect with the mission of PPI.
o See upcoming events and opportunities to serve and connect with the aspiring and rising poor.
o You can easily donate to PPI a one-time gift or monthly.
• Social Media: People Prosper International
• My blog:

Church and Community Group Opportunities:

• Contact us if you would like for us to speak at your church about the exciting and inspiring Ministry of Solving Poverty.

• Contact us if you would be interested in hosting a PPI Community Group Event. It is a fun evening of food, friendship and community that introduces PPI to your friends in a no-pressure and relaxed experience. People love our PPI Community Group Events. We have upcoming PPI Community Group Events in:
o Denver (Aug. 30)
o Albuquerque (Sept.)
o Dallas (Oct.)

May God prosper you in all ways as your soul prospers. (3 John 1:2)