The Five Big Ideas That Drive and Define People Prosper International

#1. Our Human Purpose is a Kingdom Culture Mission.
• Our purpose is to grow the Kingdom of Christ in human culture. (Matthew 6:10)
• This means shaping all parts of culture with all of God’s truth.
• This means solving the biggest problems of our day with God’s truth and help.

#2. At PPI We are Called to Solve the Problem of Poverty.
• Because it is not God’s desire for people who are created in his image to live in the indignity, desperation and degradation of poverty.
• Because poverty, the lack of resources needed for one’s life, health and purpose, is one of the biggest problems facing humanity.
• Because poverty is correlated to so many other human tragedies like disease, death, crime, abuse, addiction, ignorance, and hopelessness.

#3. Our Global Strategy is to Transform Poor Christian Communities into Christian Cultures of Enterprise.
• Because poverty is solved by enterprise, not charity.
• Because Christianity is growing most rapidly around the world where poverty is the greatest.
• Because when these Christian communities become empowered with their own resources they will change the world through their ministries and their calling to lead everyone out of poverty.

#4. Our First Tactic is Education.
• Because the first problem that the poor have is that they do not know there is a pathway out of poverty or what that pathway is.
• Because when the poor learn to think and act in enterprising ways, they rise out of poverty.
• We deliver several levels of training globally through a strategy of video based training courses with books and workbooks that are translated into target languages and facilitated by indigenous partners. Each course focuses on the three key principles of enterprise which are CREATE, OWN and GROW.

#5. Our Second Tactic is Connection.
• A key problem of the poor is isolation from knowledge, access to resources and access to people who can help them take the pathway out of poverty.
• We create access to knowledge, skills, markets, equipment, jobs, businesses, communications, transportation, property and financial services.
• Our key connectors are an online global platform called the iCreate Community and our indigenous PPI partners.

Our mission is to solve poverty. Our vision is to lead 1 million people out of poverty by 2030. You can partner with this world changing mission at